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Plains Flute

Plains Flute

Today's most commonly recognized native flute, it is believed that the flute we know today as the Plains Flute came into existence in the 1800's. Your choices are almost limitless with this appealing flute. Read More...

Panpipes Panpipes


One of the earliest instruments of the Americas, ancient Panpipes or Panflutes have been excavated from South America all the way north to Canada, with oldest known examples dating back to 4200 BC. Read More...

Double Flute/Drone Flute Double Flute/Drone Flute


If nobody is around for a music session, you can still play a duet with yourself thanks to drone and double flutes. This type of flute has extremely ancient roots in Mesoamerica. Read More...

Ocarina Ocarina


With a history that goes around the world only to come back again, the little Ocarina flute can boast of both an ancient pedigree and international appeal. Read More...

Anasazi Flute/Pueblo Flute

Anasazi Flute/Pueblo Flute

Still made today by modern Pueblo cultures as well as non-Native flutemakers, this Ancestral Pueblo Flute will reward the diligent student with an incomparable sound. Read More...



Ronald Roybal playing a Sunrise Song on the Plains Flute


Jemez Pueblo Flutemaker, Aluaki, Playing For Ancestors


Modern music with Andean instruments including Ocarina


Tips on playing the Andean Panpipes




North American Flutes

Native Flutes of North America

From the swamps of the southeastern woodlands to the mesas of the southwestern deserts, the song of the flute has been heard on the North American Continent for millennia. Archaeological findings and ancient petroglyphs attest to a rich musical history and the use of very diverse flutes in different regions.
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Mesoamerican Flutes

Native Flutes of Mesoamerica

The tropical rainforests that remain on the borders of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize hint at the lush greenness of the Mesoamerica that was, bustling with life and activity. To this day, the descendants of the Maya and Aztecs are still living in their ancestral homes and playing these remarkable, ancient instruments.
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South American Flutes

Native Flutes of South America

Few other World Musics can equal Andean for warming hearts and lifting spirits. Travelers to Peru and Bolivia take delight in the traditional folk music, played on such instruments as the Ocarina, Siku, Quena and Charango.
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Quena or Kena Flute

Quena or Kena Flute

If the bird-like notes in Andean folk music make your heart soar, you have probably fallen in love with the Quena. This beautiful woodwind, sometimes called the Kena, is considered the flute of the Incas. Read More...

Tarka Flute

Tarka Flute

If you ever encounter an Andean flute that reminds you of a totem pole and sounds as dry and raspy as desert air, chances are, you are looking at a Tarka Flute. Read More...

Moseno Flute

Moseno Flute

Traditionally a high pitched ensemble instrument, but now being prized as a bass, solo flute, the Moseno hails from the canton of Mohosa in Bolivia. Read More...

Woodlands Flute

Woodlands Flute

Typically made of cedar or cane, the Woodlands Flute offers ease of playing and a deeply satisfying sound, even when first blown by a complete beginner. Read More...


Native Flute Buying Guide Are you considering purchasing a Native Flute?
Our guide introduces you to a selection of Native Flutemakers and music stores. Contains comparisons of price, materials used, and other helpful information. View guide »


How about like a coyote? Let our Native American Flute Music Inspiration page fill your song with sounds from nature.

Lesser Prairie Chicken

This beautiful Native American flute music page is filled with videos, illustrations and stories to inspire you to incorporate the sounds of North American wildlife into your music.

Celebrating Native Flutes With You is an educational resource, offering you the chance to learn about and appreciate the Native Flutes of North, Central and South America. Here you will find in-depth articles on the major flutes of the American continents, plus videos, photographs and illustrations, maps, and a comparative flute buying guide.

Whether you have Native ancestry or none at all, we believe that you can experience important benefits from listening to and playing Native Flutes. These beautiful wind instruments can help you to slow down, become quiet in your mind and let the deepest feelings of your heart be expressed in a harmonious, spiritual manner.


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