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About Native Flutes Walking

About Native Flutes Walking is authored as a celebration of the Indigenous branches of our family tree on the American Continents. As authors of mixed Native and European roots, our goal is to rectify what we see as a huge mistake of modern media, education and government placing chief focus on the stories and needs of those most lately come to these lands. The tale of these continents is immensely old, spanning millennia, and it is our belief that many modern people have not had a chance to learn about this, most often through no fault of their own. We want your visit to this site to be an opportunity to connect to the unbroken current of Indigenous history through the friendly medium of music. Through the love of Native Flutes, we hope that you will come to experience love and respect for the Native Peoples who have made such meaningful music possible.


All Are Welcome
Whether you have Native ancestry or not, we believe that you can experience important benefits from listening to and playing the native flutes of North, Central and South America. These beautiful wind instruments can help you to slow down, become quiet in your mind and let the deepest feelings of your heart be expressed in a harmonious, spiritual manner. From Canada to Chile, elders are calling upon all people to change direction in the western world. We have come to a point where we can see that the western concepts of conquering nature and exploiting its resources cannot be sustained. Native American lifeways point out a different path, in which nature is managed without harm by skillful gardeners, foresters, and stewards, and all lifeforms are sacred. In connecting to worldviews like these, through music, we believe you have real power to make a positive change in your own life, and thereby, change the world. We hope that the stories, maps, photographs, videos and other resources on this website will enrich your journey in life and that, through walking the native flute path, you will find not just your own flute, but perhaps your own roots or a new sense of your own dignity.


What Does Our Name Mean?
In our family, we have an expression that explains something about who we are; this expression is corn walking and this is a designation used by the farming peoples of Mexico and the American Southwest to describe the inextricable link between their story and the story of maize. Without people there would be no corn, and without corn, the life of the people would not be what it is. In our home, making tortillas is as much a part of our daily life as breathing and sleeping. This ancient bread is the basis of our way of eating, and we can't imagine doing without it. On a similar note, music is an integral part of the life of man. We have voices, and we sing, and human ingenuity has resulted in our manufacture of wonderfully expressive instruments. To us, life would not be life without music, and so, as we go along the path, we are carrying our music with us, and it is part of us and we are part of it - this great music of the world that has been lifted up since man first raised his voice in song.


Do You Have Something To Contribute?
The subject of Native Flutes is a very big one to cover. We are always working on adding to our website to offer more information and more creative options for learning. For example, we will keep adding to our Flutemaker Comparison Chart as time goes by. Are you a flutemaker or vendor? Should something about you be on our website? Do you have something to share? We would be happy to hear from you, and invite you to email us at: We would like to learn about what you do, and in addition to considering the publication of biographical content about you on this site, we also consider advertising relationships with qualified businesses. signature flute bird

Native Flutes Walking wishes you joy through music, and a good journey along the Native flute path.